Sleeper cabins and spoilers Ford Transit

Manufacturer of sleeping cabins and spoilers for Ford transit

Upper sleeping cabins

One of the sleeping options is the upper cabin of our production, which is characterized by a modern shape, practical equipment and designer finish. It can be painted in any color, both acrylic and metallic.

Standard equipment

•Velour upholstery
• Thermal insulation made with upholstery foam
• 8 cm thick mattress
• Lockable exit from the cabin
• Two side windows, tiltable (3-step adjustment), sun protection
• Double electrical socket
• Radio antenna
• Independent lighting
• Openings for parking heating installation
• Adjustable ventilation grill
• Two pockets for personal items
• Pillow
• Side fairings, 210 cm wide

Additional equipment

• Sunroof, emergency exit
• Raising upper spoiler (8cm or 16cm)
• Halogen tube
• Halogens • CB antenna
• Metallic
paint • Widened side fairings, 220 cm and 235 cm wide
• Webasto

Roof spoilers with the possibility of being cut out for the generator

Roof spoilers

What are the real benefits of the roof spoilers we offer?

- Aerodynamic shape, reduces air resistance caused by a high load.

- The low total weight of roof spoilers and the aerodynamic shape mean that the car with the spoiler installed has lower fuel consumption by on average 15%.

- The design also allows for appropriate matching of refrigeration units to them.

We offer roof spoilers in three adjustable heights:
- from 60cm to 80cm (low canopy)
-from 65cm to 90cm (standard canopy)
- from 70cm to 100cm (high canopy)

Thanks to this, the roof spoilers we offer allow for optimal adjustment of the height to the vehicle body.

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