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Sleeping cabins
and roof spoilers

We produce sleeping cabins and spoilers for vans and trucks.

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Sleeping cabins – Back sleepers

Sleeping cabins – Top sleepers



Sleeping cabins

Sleeping cabins are designed for truck and van drivers. A sleeping cabin lowers the costs and provides rest anyplace and anytime.

Roof spoilers

Spoilers are assembled on top of the driver’s cabin. Their aerodynamic shape reduces the air resistance, has a positive influence on handling the car, and lowers fuel consumption.


    Why trust us?

  • Safety certificates

    The quality and safety of our sleeping cabins was confirmed with certificates. Find out more

  • Quality assurance

    We provide a 2 year warranty for our sleeping cabins. Find out more

  • Years of experience

    Lamico is a Polish manufacturer of sleeping cabins and spoilers. Find out more